Monday, January 28, 2008

About Hosanna Childrens' Home

The little orphanage in Mamallapuram (Tamil Nadu, India) is home to 12 children.

The orphanage (established 2003) is registered by the government under #243.

It is run under financial difficulties but with much love and dedication by K.Balasamy and his wife Vathsala.

The children come from slums and villages around Chennai. At Hosanna they find what they will not find there: a loving home, regular food and education up to standard 12. Irrespective of caste, gender & abilities.
And while the circumstances are basic, they can grow up loved and cared for - and get a chance in live to become grown-up who can support themselves.
Running a place like Hosanna Childrens' Home costs every month:

food per child Rs.1000
12 children x Rs.1000 Rs.12,000
cook salary Rs.2,500
teacher salary Rs.1000
electricity and other maintenance Rs.2,000
medical care Rs.500
essential needs in every month Rs.19,000 (481 USD or 321Euro)
one time expenditure per year namely note books, school uniforms & fees: Rs.500 per child (Rs.6000 for all children, that's only 100 EUR, 77 GBP or 150 USD)

At times it is difficult to find the money needed for a month. This means going to a money lender, new debt, restriction. There is no financial support by the government.

As per Government Act, public welfare services, such as orphanages need to host a minimum of 20-25 children. This means the costs will rise again, as more children have to be accommodated, fed and sent to school. This means, either Hosanna Childrens' Home finds enough financial support for 8 more children - or it may even have to be closed altogether!

Then what about Jaya, Sheeba, Geetha, Vaidaki, Rebbka, Viknesh, Deena, Racheal, Ruban, Stephen, Deineshkumar and Dilton?

Would you like to help? K.Balasamy will answer your questions. Just contact him:

47 Annal Gandhi Street
Mamallapuram, 603104
Tamil Nadu

Any small donation is very welcome:
Mamallapuram, 603104
Kancheepuram District
Account number: 7955
Bank: Indian Overseas Bank - 50
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
This blog was started by Anja and Michael, who visisted Hosanna Childrens's Home in 2006.
Anja (Germany):
"... Small donations help, too. Are you a family with children? Talk to your kids, how they feel about the orphans in India!

Why not consider to help these kids with the money saved by not buying New Year's firework or expensive presents? It is a great feeling to really, honestly and directly help! It is not expensive for us in the west - it means a world to these people!..."

Michael (Germany):
"...If you plan to visit India, why not go and visit the kids? They would be happy to get to know you.

Mamallapuram is a lovely place to spend a few days. It is known for its orphanages, and most invite travellers to come and visit them. However, while I am sure all of them do great work, some are more exposed than others. Some bigger orphanages are well visited by many tourists. Others, like Hosanna Childrens' Home, struggle. "

"The most lovely people you can imagine"

More about the orphanage on its website:

How to find Hosanna Home:

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Rev.isacc dhas said...

Rev.Isacc dhas BD
Shiloh children home
30/A Celliamman koil street,
Kancheepuram dist,
S India,
S India,
Phone- 00919677373258.
Dear my loving brother and sister My name is Isacc dhas I am living in Chennai.We are running an orphanage(children home for parents less and street kids) we have adopted 30 orphan kids and providing free food and education and shelter with happy life for this kids through our Shiloh children Home.We are very much suffering to feed kids.Brother and sister please try to send us small donation or old clothes or school bag etc .Please try to visit us. Please tell about your family and friends about this orphanage and try to collect small donation please.We are looking up your mercy support.Every month we need 500 dollars need to run our organization like food and education and medical etc.We can send you children photo .Welcome to visit our orphanage.Please help us please.God bless you and your family.
Yours brother in the service of helpless kids in India
Rev.isacc dhas